Nadine's Rosemary and Lemon Scrub

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Nadine's Rosemary and Lemon Scrub named after Brandy's mom. Brandy made the body scrub for Mother's Day and it became her mom's favorite. 

Ingredients: Turbinado sugar, lemon, lemon zest, dried rosemary, jojoba oil, olive oil,honey , coconut oil, lavender, rosemary extract. 

Please do patch test before using body scrub! Due to the oils in the body scrub, be careful when you apply the body scrub in shower and bath! Apply the scrub to legs, arms, feet in circular motion and rinse off in shower or bath. Do not use more than 2 times a week.

Note: Product is sold by volume!Nadine's Rosemary and Lemon Scrub are made to order, it may take additional 3 business days to ship.