Dip Powder Application and Tips

or How to get started:

These are the steps Brandy use to apply dip powder.

You will need dip powder liquids and Brandy Loves Beauty don't sell liquids.

The liquids that work with dips are Sparkle and Co, Tundra Dip, Mani Mix, and Triple Vitamin.

100/180 file or E-file

Buffing block

Cuticle oil

Cuticle remover and softener(optional)

Cuticle pusher

Orange wood stick( if you don't have that available toothpick or wooden skewers are fine to use)

Nail Dehydrator or Rubbing Alcohol 

Brush or nail brush to dust off dip powder

Clear Dip Powder of your choice(optional)


How Brandy apply dip powder: 

Lightly buff the nails to remove shine.

Push down cuticles.( you can use cuticle remover and softener if you want to) wash hands after this step.

Apply nail surface cleanser( rubbing alcohol will be fine) wait few seconds for it to dry

Apply nail dehydrator, wait few seconds for it to dry

Shake dip powder jar and open it

Apply thin coat of base for dip powder to stick to nails, try not to get it on your cuticles and skin.

Dip finger in powder using scooping motion and tap off excess dip powder. If your nails are long you can pour dip powder over your nails, you can use cupcake tin or tray to catch dip powder, when you're done pour it back in jar. 

Clean up your cuticle with orange wood stick or toothpick.

Wait few seconds for dip powder to set then dust it off with brush or nail brush

Repeat step 3 to 4 times. Optional Step! On your 3 or 4th dip, apply clear dip powder to protect your hard work before you file and buff.

Apply generous amount of Activator, wait 2-3 mins for it to dry.

File and buff your nails, you can also use e-file.

After you're with filing and buffing, clean your nails with nail surface cleaner or rubbing alcohol.

Apply Activator and wait for 2 mins for it to dry, then wipe it off.

Apply 2 to 3 quick stokes of top coat, wait few seconds. Then apply second coat of top coat, you take your time applying it and then cap it. Wait up to 5 mins for it to dry.

Apply cuticle oil

Then take photos of your mani to show it off and don't forget to tag Brandy Loves Beauty on Instagram and Facebook.


The glitter turned silver, help!:

Follow the steps to do dip powder manicure

On 3 or 4th dip apply clear dip powder, it will help the glitter not turn silver when you buff and file your nails.

Want to see Brandy's manicure application? Videos are posted on IGTV for Instagram @brandylovesbeauty or Brandy's personal YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCciX4q9maeCEYWxNCgYOz8w